List of races nationwide

Kinetic Sculpture Races in other cities and countries.
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List of races nationwide

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Yes, by golly, there are more Kinetic Races out there! Here are the ones I know about:

Of course, Baltimore begins the season the first Saturday of May, and the Grand Championship (the “mother race”) takes place on the last weekend of May – Memorial Day Weekend.

Then we have…

Klamath Falls, Oregon, late June. 25 June in 2011. This is a great little one-day race that starts and ends in downtown Klamath Falls, and includes a wonderful lunch in a grassy and tree-shaded park. It has a unique feature in a very steep hill that you must climb early in the race. This is a paved road, but you must have very low gearing because it is so steep. Typically, they have around 10 or 12 entries. Update: There are plans to expand this race in 2011, so keep an eye on their web site.

Corvallis, Oregon, third weekend of July. 16-17 July in 2011. This is a big one, with over 20 entries and major festivity. It lasts for 2 ½ days:
Friday afternoon/evening is the Pageantry, Art Judging, Initial Safety Inspection and such. I think you could still race if you missed that, but it’s great fun.
Saturday brake and steering test, Parade around downtown, Road Race mostly on paved bike trails, with a Sand Dune Challenge in the middle. Catered dinner.
Sunday, Mud and Water. The Corvallis mud is extremely deep and difficult to get thru. But the water is easy, because it goes down the river with the current, so you do not actually need water propulsion – you just need to be able to steer.
After the water there is a triumphant return to the Start/Finish line on city streets.
This race is part of a festival of art and science called DaVinci Days, so there are additional attractions, including concerts.
But the one thing that makes Corvallis special is the Campground. Most of the racers stay here, with a large communal kitchen. There is an award for Best Decorated Camp. The Campground is on the bike trail that is part of the race course, so many of us “commute” between the campground and the race on our Racing Sculptures. ... -challenge

Longmont, Colorado. 27 August in 2011. This is the race that used to be in Boulder, held together with a rock concert for profit by a radio station. The profits faded and the radio station “pulled the plug” a few years ago. But a group of the racers immediately set out to resurrect the race, and after a couple of years of “baby steps” they now have a real race in nearby Longmont.

Port Townsend, Washington, first weekend of October, but be sure to check the web site later, as there was talk of moving it one week for 2011. Last I heard, it was still 1-2 October in 2011, but do double check. This is a two-day event with over 20 entries.
Saturday is the “preliminary events”, which seems to draw more spectators than the race itself! It starts with a Parade down the main street. Then come the Safety Tests. Besides a static inspection, you must roll down a steep hill and stop securely at the bottom. The main attraction is the water test. I suspect this is the reason Saturday’s events draws such a good crowd, because this is when the spectacular sinkings and capsizings occur (if any). In the evening there is a jam-packed costume party with live band.
Sunday is the race itself. Water first, then pavement, sand, pavement, mud, and pavement back to the starting point for immediate dinner and awards.

Ventura, Southern California. Late October, always a Saturday; 22 October in 2011. A cozy little one-day race, and fairly easy. It takes place within the Harbor district, which is part working harbor and part tourist destination. And each segment of the race is concluded before the next one starts, making it easy for spectators to see the whole race.
Water is first, then a stretch of sandy beach where we all start together side by side. Then lunch is provided. Next comes the pavement race, which is a FIGURE EIGHT race, which the spectators love. There is some risk of damage of course, but gosh it’s fun! Finally there is a mud pit. Awards Breakfast Sunday morning.
This race is held by a charity, and they actually raise a bit of money for their good works thanks to generous sponsors, so this is a real win-win event. Typically a dozen or so entries.

In addition, I know of…

Kensington, Pennsylvania, which is a neighborhood of Philadelphia. This is not a full KSR, as they have no water, and there is no timing. But they drew 29 entries last year, with much good art. May 21 in 2011.

And some of us from Northern California participate in the Burning Man Art Festival with our KSR machinery. But be advised, Burning Man is NOT for everyone.

Being me, I have probably left something out, but then we’ll just get back to it later.
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2012 West Coast race dates

Post by Elliot »

2012 West Coast race dates:

Grand Championship KSR in Northern California: May 26-28 (Memorial Weekend). Three days, 40 miles!

Klamath Falls, Oregon, June 23-24. They keep growing this race.

Corvallis, Oregon, July 20-21-22. (Friday 20th is evening pageantry)

Port Townsend, Washington, (near Seattle) October 20-21.

Ventura, CA, October 20.
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Re: List of races nationwide

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Time sure flies! But the races listed in the previous post are still going strong.
One update: The Port Townsend race is always the first weekend of October. I don't remember what "went on" that had it listed later in the month for 2012.

Grand Championship -- Memorial weekend.
Klamath Falls -- third weekend of June (I think they settled on the third weekend, but other events might force a change).
Corvallis -- third weekend in July.
Port Townsend -- first weekend in October.
Ventura -- third weekend in October.

I have not been to Longmont, but I hear they are going strong. Check their website for the date.

I mentioned Burning Man, and that is certainly also going strong. (Remember, it is NOT for everyone!) The last few years I have operated Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar. We fix bikes, serve beverages, and play a real paiana. And we bring Kinetic Racing Sculptures for show-n-tell and giving rides. This year we had Melvin -- possibly the winningest Racing Sculpture ever on the planet. I would like to expand the KSR element of the camp, so....

Now must get ready for Ventura in just ten days. I am not ready! :lol:
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