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Mediocre vehicle for sale

Posted: 21 Feb 2014, 7:13 pm
by Candy Haus Frau
Our team has decided to use a different design for our vehicle this year. As a result, we are hoping to sell our beloved vehicle. It's a 4-person vehicle, which we used and improved upon for the past three years. There is no false modesty here: the vehicle is very mediocre. Check out photos of it on the "Race Results" page. We used it for the Grand East Coast Mediocre Champion, "Eek!" last year. It was used in "Yes! Oui! Cancan!!" in 2012 and for "Bob" in 2011.

Serious inquiries only, please. We’d like to recover some of the money we have sunk into it and are asking $1,000. We estimate we have put about $5,000 into the vehicle at this point. Quite a bargain for some lucky Kinetinauts! :roll:

It is being stored in our Takoma Park garage right now. We'd like to move it out soon to make room for the new vehicle.

Contact Jill at for more details.