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New users posts are now moderated

Post by Tom »

Spammers are increasingly posting bogus cyrillic messages with links to highly suspicious sites. To stop them, I've reluctantly reactivated moderation for new users. While existing users are unaffected, new users' first posts will require approval by a moderator. As always, any reasonable discussion in English about Kinetics is welcome. After making a few postings, each new user will find their posts automatically approved. If you encounter any problems with this moderation process, please feel free to contact me using the link at the bottom of the homepage.

Thanks, and keep up the discussions!
-Tom Jones
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Re: New users posts are now moderated

Post by paulfellows »

My posts in the main form are being accepted, it is the ones in the other races section that are not turning up.

My interest in ksr is, I want to have a go, I want to test my brains and brawn against others. But I live in the UK so I need to start our own race if I am to get to have a go. The other races section of your form is the best place for grass roots events just getting started, because every one interested in ksr will cone through here at some point.

Here is a copy of the leaflet I have put out.
Kinetic Sculpture Racing
the first race of 2015 will start on Sunday the 28th of June at 10:30.
Competitors should assemble on Redcar beach near the Majuba road car park, from 10 am.
If you want to take part contact Paul Fellows via the forum at Kineticbaltimore .com
If you do not know what kinetic sculpture racing is, I would describe as.
First you make a sculptural master piece, that is also a brilliant human powered vehicle.
Then you race them across a range of different terrains for the fun of it.
See he community channel, magnificent obsessions, kinetic_sculpture_race ... ture_race/
whether you do it for the challenge or to raise the profile of a body, join in and have fun.
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