Not sinking

How to design, build, and race a sculpture
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Not sinking

Post by Damian »

Hello - I am a former Kinetic Race volunteer that is building a kinetic sculpture(it will be similar to 2019 Sushi Roll (I know they did not finish) and Trail Trekker for reference). It appears most sculptures either use empty 55 gallon barrels or what appears to be large foam blocks. I was curious if anyone had thoughts on what would work best based on the sculpture I'm looking to build? And if the answer is a foam of some kind - where does one get that? I have the four bikes, I have to practice welding before I attempt to weld the bikes together(so no pictures yet).
Thank you for any advice.
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Re: Not sinking

Post by Tom »

There's some info about foam and hard pontoons at including potential sources of foam blocks and expanding liquid. Solid attachment is critical and not always obvious. On land, the pontoon attachment needs to hold up the pontoons. On the water, the attachment needs to hold up the entire sculpture. Maybe experienced racers can contribute their ideas.
-Tom Jones
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