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Road Trip to Vermont?

Posted: 15 Mar 2019, 7:31 pm
by Humanpower
Kinetinauts Wanted!
Our group organizes a yearly Human Powered Parade up here in Vermont, and we would like to add a kinetic sculpture component to the parade in hopes of eventually turning it into a full-blown race. Would anyone be willing/able to bring a nice rig (or two?) up here on May 10-11th 2019? The Parade and festival are on the 11th, but we have the green light for an assembly event at the local high school on the 10th. Having a 'real' kinetic sculpture to ogle up close would really help get the locals excited about kinetic sculptures and generate buzz for our event.
Our budget is still pretty meager, but we could at least provide gas money and room and board for the crew.
Interested? Contact Melanie Kessler at or Dan Brett at
P.S. Alternately, if someone wanted to donate a sculpture to help plant the seed of a new race...just sayin'