infobank needed ?

How to design, build, and race a sculpture
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infobank needed ?

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I think that ALL the kinetic racers in all states and locations should get together on one site and exchange information about both tech and art ideas I'm new to the game(this will be my first shot at building a sculpture)and the information I have been able to get is scarce THANK YOU ELLIOT if not for you I would be lost at just the planning stage,I promise to update both in word and with pics when possable as I build my nightmare/dream and yes Elliot I will be leaning your way alot,hell you helpped me to decide 3 wheels now front or rear steeringf???lol Thanks all Harry
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Re: infobank needed ?

Post by Elliot »

Well, I gather that Tom launched this Forum partly in hope of creating a nationwide information bank as you describe. And we are already Coast to Coast! But it will take time, since there are so few racers -- and only a few of us will ever set foot on this forum.

There is a well-established e-mail list based in Corvallis, Oregon, but it serves primarily the North West and it has very little traffic. Technical discussions happen there maybe once a year.

Yes, a massive Information Bank would be nice, but who is going to write it? Our best hope is to spread the word about this Forum, and let it grow.

As for your vehicle layout, it depends on so many factors.... If I were to build a two-seater from scratch, I would probably go with a "tail dragger" (rear steering single wheel, both drive wheels up front). But you must be careful about keeping the weight low and behind the axle, so you don't tip forward onto your nose when you apply the brakes on a downhill. (This has been done, and they had to put ballast on board!)
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