Southeastern US - Menagerie In Motion Kinetic Derby

Kinetic Sculpture Races in other cities and countries.
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Southeastern US - Menagerie In Motion Kinetic Derby

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Hello all. We are really new at this and have been chatting with many of you by phone for advice. Thanks to all who have responded and been so helpful!

We now have the bones of a website up and running and would like thoughts and feedback from the larger community if it's not to much to ask.

We've been drawing some local attention as you can see in the photo.

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Re: Southeastern US - Menagerie In Motion Kinetic Derby

Post by Elliot »

Sounds terrific! I sure wish I didn't live 3,000 miles away.

A couple suggestions, if I may....

You might want to put "Gainesville, Florida" prominently at the top of the website.

The rules about Captains and crew members, and the required drinking water, and quick exit, and such, seem a bit confusing. There was something about crew members possibly riding on the machine, but not pedaling? If so, they would need the same safety equipment as Captains, no?
Perhaps it would be clear if I read it again. But to recruit people, any possible ambiguity should be avoided. In today's world, we are truly competing for people's attention.

Here at the Mother Race, we say Pilot for those who pedal, and Pit Crew for those who follow on regular bicycles and may assist in legal push zones. And we have Peons for additional team members who tag along, hopefully also in costumes. (Sometimes we talk about an Entourage.)

A non-pedaling passenger is called a Barnacle. Barnacles are rare, since they add so much useless weight to the machine, and weight is the enemy.

I get the impression you are off to a wonderful start. Please keep us posted! And don't be shy about asking questions.
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