Race course for 2022

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Race course for 2022

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Hey y'all,
Has the official race course for this year been decided? Is it fair to assume it will be the same as 2019? Trying to study the roads and get a sense of where the toughest parts will be, where the most delicate steering will be required, where to vomit, etc.
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Re: Race course for 2022

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The best info we have at this point is that the 2022 race course will be the same as 2019, detailed in the Spectators Guide at https://kineticbaltimore.com/KSR/Spectatorsguide.asp .

The City of Baltimore reserves the right to change the racecourse based on many factors, including construction projects, public safety, and other events that may be scheduled at the same time. Harbor East in particular has had a lot of construction projects lately, and is perhaps the most likely to have route adjustments and constrained turns. It's extremely likely that the toughest climb will be Battery Avenue from Key Highway Federal Hill (as in every prior year), with another climb from Canton Waterfront into Patterson Park. The longest braking descent is leaving Patterson Park, which has generally been down Lombard Street, which is somewhat constrained by parked cars and cross streets.

Our goal is to publish the Spectator's Guide about 2 weeks in advance, and issue alerts & updates if anything changes afterward.
-Tom Jones
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