Entries Appearing at other events?

Kinetic Sculpture Races in other cities and countries.
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Entries Appearing at other events?

Post by MiMKinetic »

Does anyone have a policy or process formal or otherwise regarding displaying or using kinetic entries at other events? We've taken pieces to other cities to build interest, but the brunt of our requests come from events within our city.

Have any of you found this to dilute value for your core event? Set a maximum number of events you'll participate in? Or blackout periods pre and post event?
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Re: Entries Appearing at other events?

Post by Tom »

From my understanding of the Baltimore and Humboldt race rules, anyone who builds a Kinetic Sculpture is welcome to race it anytime, anywhere.

Kinetic sculptures are found at parades, Burning Man, press conferences, and elegant parties in Little Italy. Since a kinetic sculpture can't help but attract attention, my experience is when they appear at at other events, they only contribute more attention to actual kinetic sculpture races.

-Tom Jones
Kinetic Seer
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