Race Day

How to design, build, and race a sculpture
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Race Day

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I have a question, When filling out the entry form, if we have 4 pilots and 4 pit crew, and some extra people who want to be able to switch as pilot during the race if need be, do we just register as many pilots as we need and pay this fee or is registering them as pit crew and paying that fee enough for them to be able to switch to a pilot if need be during the race?

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Re: Race Day

Post by Tom »

Here's the official reply:

Hi Erik,

Your 4 pilots should remain pilots throughout the race and should not trade off with pit crew. Your number of pilots should equal the number of pilot seats on the vehicle! You really should have only as many pit crew as pilots, but if you really want to add more people to your team, then they would count as pit crew on the entry form and you can pay the pit crew fee.

If you applied as Ace status and there was an exchange of pit crew for pilot, then you would be disqualified from receiving an ace award. If you are NOT going for ACE, and switch a pit crew for a pilot, you can hope you don't get caught by a Kinetic Kop and if you DO get caught, hope you can bribe your way out with an awesome bribe.

Best of luck!

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-Tom Jones
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Re: Race Day

Post by KayAdams »

Is it so that number of pilots are restricted? I want to know more about this and I would also like to get its detailed information.
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Re: Race Day

Post by Elliot »

Hey there, Kay!

The rules…


…state: “Each Sculpture must have 1 or more Pilots.”

So there seems to be no limit on the number of Pilots – except that the vehicle is limited to 8 feet wide, 13 feet tall and 35 feet long, and you can only fit maybe 100 people in that space!

What is limited is that you are not supposed to use “fresh legs”. That is, you are not supposed to have “relief pilots”. Imagine if a runner in the Boston Marathon had a friend run a few miles in his place while the original fellow rode in a car. That sure wouldn’t fly!

But this rule is actually not quite so strict in Kinetic Sculpture Racing. After all, this sport is strictly for fun, and all levels of ability are welcome. So you will not be thrown out of the race for letting Pit Crew take a turn at pedaling. What WILL happen is that you will not be eligible for ACE medals and perhaps other major awards.

Tom mentioned bribing the judges, and that works like this: It’s all in fun. No real bribery. But you may score extra points by “bribing” the judges. Think of this as part of the Theater and Pageantry of KSR. A point for “bribing” a judge might somewhat outweigh a demerit for using fresh legs. What sort of “bribes”? Bribes can be pretty much anything fun, from a team pendant to the act of singing a team song for the judge.

Above all else, have fun!
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