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Advice for KGC

Post by Brandon »

Team Agogosaurus is headed to the KGC and I'm looking for any advice on what to expect out there. Is there a mud pit? I've seen pics of vehicles in a mud pit but I can't find it on the race map. Also, how long is dead mans drop?

My sense is day one of the KGC is about equal to the b-more race in terms of pilot stamina. Does that seem correct? Is day 2 the most challenging day of the race?

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Re: Advice for KGC

Post by QueenMudder1 »

Some past kinetic races here have included Slippery Slimy Slope... access is subject to the whim of private property owners, but Kinetic Grand Championship have plenty of other hazards to offer - including, sometimes, quicksand.

Port Townsend Washington and Corvallis Oregon offer Glorious mud pits.

Dead Man's Drop is huge... do a YouTube search and be daunted!

The Kinetic Grand Championship is coming up fast - for quicker answers, go to their FB page, or to
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Re: Advice for KGC

Post by Tom »

Are you attempting to ACE? If so, there are three major challenges on the first day of the Humboldt race: 1) You must be able to climb steep sand dunes without external support pushed. (Baltimore's sand is flat.) 2) You must be able to descend Dead Man's Drop (which is exciting but perhaps not as destructive as you might think--it's only perhaps 25-30 vertical feet at the sand's angle of repose, with a curve at the bottom). 3) You must be able to complete the entire first day's journey from Arcata to Eureka by the time the course closes. On the second day, there is a major water crossing, but you otherwise have plenty of time. And the third day is a pleasant brief journey from the beach into Ferndale.

I expect you've already read and which have more details. Anyone who stays behind in Maryland can listen to your progress on which usually covers the entire race.
-Tom Jones
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