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2013 Baltimore KSR Canton videos on YTube

Posted: 21 Apr 2014, 9:29 pm
by bobaloo
Seems I accidentally deleted my earlier post with links to two videos when I tried to add another one last week. So this is a "re-creation". All are from a support kayak at the Canton Waterfront, 2013.
"Holy Grail"(39)(Baltimore City College), "AMS Crabtastic"(11)(Arbutus Middle School), "Not So Angry Bird"(8), "Frednan"(31). Canton Waterfront Action
"Go Ask Alice" enters the water, with in-character outriders/Pit Crew on the pier.
"Dr Vlad's Mad Lab"(10), from water entry to exit. "Hogwart Express"(7)(Severna Park?) water entry only. Also a short view of "You Know the Drill"(2)(Jemicy School) at the beginning.
That's it fer now, folks.