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2013 Baltimore KSR Canton videos on YTube

Posted: 10 May 2013, 3:55 pm
by bobaloo
Video of Holy Grail (39)(Baltimore City College), "AMS Crab" (11)(Arbutus Middle School), "Not So Angry Bird"(8), and "Frednan"(31), as they enter the water, then jockey for position rounding the turn while kayaks and Pit Crew act as cat herders. YouTube at:
GOProHD kayaker view. Long segment, but I couldn't figure out what to cut, and still have the full effect.
Video of the glorious GO Ask Alice, as they enter the water, then cruise round the turn and head back, with the Beach Boys playing. YouTube at:
GOProHD kayak view. Then the battery died.
Video of "Dr Vlad's Mad Lab"(10), from water entry to exit. Also "Hogwart Express" (7)(Calvert County Middle School)(at 4:20) water entry only. Both have a hard time getting past the piling on the west side of the ramp. Also a short view of "You Know the Drill" (2)(Jemicy School)(at the beginning). YouTube at: Forgot I hadn't added this one on the forum post (till now).