Photos from 2011 Baltimore

If photos you took are on the web, post a link here!
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Photos from 2011 Baltimore

Post by Rewritephotography » 02 Jan 2012, 11:53 am

Better late than never I suppose: Some are edited individually and others were batch processed after I got tired of editing. I have downloading disabled on Flickr but if you want an image, feel free to email me at

2011: ... 142966380/
2010: ... 884378898/
2009: ... 663970345/
2007: ... 340502213/

-Richard Wilke, Rewrite Photography

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Re: Photos from 2011 Baltimore

Post by Maren22 » 03 Nov 2012, 5:35 am

@Richard, the pictures are very clear and the quality is top notch, can you recommend the type of camera you used to take the pictures. Be precise with the model, I want to buy one soon.


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