2014 Baltimore KSR videos on YTube

If photos you took are on the web, post a link here!
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2014 Baltimore KSR videos on YTube

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Fire (on the water) from St. Paul’s School for Boys at the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore on May 3, 2014 at Canton Waterfront Park. Also part of the Awards Ceremony; they won the Engineering Award.
Late posting this, but (maybe) better late than never (so I've heard).

Kinetic Sculpture Race 2014 Leaving Patterson Park, Baltimore (by Delirium Dog)

Tick Tock The Crock (by Andrew Young)

Crock On! at the Canton Waterfront Baltimore 2014 Kinetic Sculpture Race (by Bob J)

Tick Tock the Croc - Kinectic Sculpture Race, Baltimore, May 3, 2014 (by tackyjulie)

Huge Crocodile Threatens Tourists at Baltimore's Inner Harbor! (by Bill Angel)
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