Kinetic Judging

Share your stories from Baltimore Kinetic races.
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Kinetic Judging

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While it was a blast in this year's Baltimore KSR, think the judges may have been smoking funny during the race. Perhaps some bribe was good Mexican weed? The judges have a tough job and we appreciate their existence forever, but c'mon man!
Not to be sour grapes, but just a constructive comment. Seems some teams didn't get an award they deserved and put much effort perhaps to seek that award.
Do you feel the same way? :? :o
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Re: Kinetic Judging

Post by DrDiabolical »

I've seen that in Colorado as well. And a lot worse behavior from certain members of "the organizing committee". Apparently arguing, fighting, disrespect, theft of intellectual property, power struggles, and dirty politics are all a part of the KSR universe. CA had a major episode last year, and I've heard horror stories from a lot of kinetinauts about things that have happened over the years. I guess a certain element attracted to kinetics just thinks all of that is OK. I don't. I have divorced myself from the local race and no longer participate. But I still build, and I participate in a lot of other events and parades. I may yet make it to Baltimore. But that's a long haul.

My advice: build because you want to, and build what you want. Don't let a single race on a single day define what you do. There are other ways and other places to showcase your art. And draw happiness from the building process, the success of riding the machine, and the opportunity to display your art. When you do, you may find a new part of yourself.

Dr scott
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