Kinetic Kurious

Looking for teammates for the Baltimore race? Have a sculpture to give away?
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Kinetic Kurious

Post by bbishop » 24 Oct 2020, 4:27 pm

Good news everyone!
The reputation of the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race has spread north to the shores of Lake Ontario. I floated the idea of putting a team together amongst my colleagues, and I was not immediately ostracized! Or maybe I was but I'm an engineer and couldn't tell the difference.
One of my coworkers lived in the neighborhood where the race is held, and he has told tales of adventure and glory! I will be the team leader by default, and times-a-wastin'. Any advice on mistakes to avoid or critical decisions to make up front will be appreciated!
Professional Engineer in Rochester NY. Recumbent enthusiast. Spudboy. Dvorak keyboard user.

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