2010 Baltimore KSR Canton videos on YTube

If photos you took are on the web, post a link here!
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2010 Baltimore KSR Canton videos on YTube

Post by bobaloo » 18 Apr 2014, 1:11 am

These a few older videos that I've never gotten around to posting here, but maybe oughta.
"Pokey the Platypus"(David Hess & friends) hits the water entry; rounds the buoy, but can't quite make it up the steepest upgrade in the 15 mile race, the ramp out of the water. Dragging rudder, seems. http://youtu.be/4pAANLYAZMw
"Platypus guts, exposed- 2010" http://youtu.be/QTOgw-DlMKQ
"kayak SS Yellowbottom, at work" http://youtu.be/ESWiPRd14VI
"Los Baltimuertos at the finish - 2010" http://youtu.be/TnXEgWDosF8

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