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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2023 Race Report: Book of Platypology

Here's a Sculpture!
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Book of Platypology

David Hess’ magnificent sculpture returned as Book of Platypology, amphibiously and monotrematously evangelizing the way of the PLATYPUS (Personal Longrange All-Terrain Yacht Proven Un-Safe).

The pilot in front has no pedals, just a steering wheel.

He’s David Hess himself, who used a megaphone to broadcast the good news of Platypology.

Note the PLATYPUS’ golden halo was removed on Federal Hill due to low-clearance trees.

A crew member carried the halo separately for later reunification.

Platypology passed Fifi while she underwent repairs on Key Highway.

PLATYPUS has eight pilots whose bike pedals feed into a Suzuki Samurai transmission, which powers an automotive powertrain and tires on this beautiful kinetic beast.

With a pilot flying the PLATYPUS flag, on the water it presented a dramatic sight.

There are those who say that the Platypological Tracts borne by a pit crew member on the pier were cast into the waters shared by the Platypus not by chance, or happenstance, but by nothing other than intervention by the Platypus Creator.

One of those very Platypological Tracts, sodden by the same harbor in which the PLATYPUS itself came to pass that day, was delivered into our possession and is reproduced in its entirety here.

PLATYPUS needed towing support in the mud.

PLATYPUS has raced every year since 2005:

  • 2022 as PLATY-PUS Returns (Best Costumes)
  • 2019 as “Shark Tank (PLATYPUS)” (Engineering)
  • 2018 as Unidentified Flying Platypus (UFP) (20th Anniversary Mystery & Tall Tales)
  • 2017 as PLATYPUS Australian Cold-Cut Sub (Pilots’ Choice)
  • 2016 as The Golden Eyedra and the Elusive Πλατύπους
  • 2015 as PLATYPUS Lost in Space (2015 Space Cadet award)
  • 2014 as PLATYPUS LOST
  • 2012 as El PLATYPUS
  • 2011 (Grand Champion)
  • 2010 (Best Pit Crew award)
  • 2009 (People’s Choice)
  • 2008
  • 2007 (Engineering award)
  • 2006 (Engineering and People’s Choice)
  • 2005 (Grand Champion)

and before that, David Hess created Louie the Dog:

  • 2004 (Golden Flipper award)
  • 2003 (Engineering award)

For keeping white starched dress shirts clean throughout the race, the judges awarded Book of Platypology Best Costumes.

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