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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2023 Race Report: Working Hard, or Bearly Working?

Here's a Sculpture!
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Working Hard, or Bearly Working?

A large bear on four wheels, Working Hard, or Bearly Working? from the Park School was boldly visible from far away.

Since bears have broader hips than poodles, Bearly Working was more voluminous than Fifi.

The bear required pushing up Battery Avenue into Federal Hill. That's Ravens Stadium in the background.

Pushing a bear is hard work, even following a flutist.

The bear was quite a chonkmobile, and provided welcome shade for its pilots on the sunny day.

On the water, the bear floated well but stayed on a taut line to ensure it didn’t blow away.

The solid black teddy bear eyes could have been more soulful.

The bear crossed the mud with help.

When their axle broke on the way back through the Inner Harbor, the Park School was prepared! They broke out their welder and fixed it in the Harborplace garage before resuming the race.

They were last across the finish line, but finished!

This was the Park School’s fifth entry; their prior entries were:

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