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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2022 Race Report: Winging It!

Here's a Sculpture!
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Winging It!

Winging It!, a 6-pilot butterfly garden on wheels, took home the Art Award for spectacular presentation.

The orange and black butterfly on the back is the Baltimore Checkerspot.

The team’s mandatory sock creature is nestled lovingly in the white crysalis on the front.

Their pit crew included a caterpillar-tube of balloons, which gyrates as the front driver drives an air pump.

Their pit crew vehicle also included a bust of Divine.

Twin outboard caterpillar pontoons provided plenty of buoyancy, with pedal-driven paddlewheels providing the bulk of propulsion.

Leaves became oars for finer control as she came in for landing.

The race route passes key Baltimore landmarks including the St. Casimir church and Domino Sugars sign. At KineticBaltimore, we work hard to provide photographs of beautiful sculptures with iconic Baltimore backgrounds.

This was the twelfth entry for this team from Takoma Park:

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