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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2019 Race Report: Treez Nutz

Here's a Sculpture!
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Treez Nutz

Team 1,800 Lbs’ Treez Nuts bringing 2018’s hand-pump railcar post-industrial by sprouting a giant tree. In the tight confines of Federal Hill, real trees exchanged parts with the fake tree and bent its frame. The sculpture’s broad turning radius* required an extensive multi-point turn to navigate past DPW’s Merciless Bollard, but it eventually passed unscathed. Judge Luke alerted sculptures to the bollard, while its biggest victim was parked adjacent (more on that later).

* Draisines, full-size trains, and this sculpture have no differentials.

Kinetic naval architecture pro-tip: Check out the outboard pontoons attached to the yellow crossbar in the water (and removed on land). The further surface-level pontoons are from the center of buoyancy, the more stability they provide! (Extra-credit question: for a linear pontoon, is this relationship linear, quadratic, or something else?)

Treez Nutz’s narrow wheels left deep grooves in the sand, which volunteers raked over before the next team.

Across the finish line.

To curry favor with Kinetic Kops and Judges, they handed out seed bombs which earned the Best Bribes award.

This was Team 1,800 Lbs’ lucky 13th year in the race:

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