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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2019 Race Report: Grand Champion: Pandora’s Hell Bent Kitchen

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Saturday 4 May 2019

A cool spring mist blanketed Baltimore, as forecast heavy rain morphed into mostly cloudy race-day skies. Artist-engineer geniuses and others converged on the American Visionary Art Museum for the 21st annual Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race. The theme: Wheel-ality TV yielded thematic collisions, including 3 teams based on sharks, of which 2 reimagined “Shark Tank” as a shark and a military tank.

Our 6 all-terrain photographers followed the race from start to finish, taking 7,058 photos. The best 258 are in this report. Thanks to technology improvements, we also provide 44% more pixels than last year.

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Grand Champion: Pandora’s Hell Bent Kitchen

Race veteran team Soda Quackers came back with Pandora’s Hell Bent Kitchen. Fully embracing the 2019 Kinetic Sculpture Race theme “Wheel-ality TV” it features a Devil Chef with roving eyes and giant dragon Pandora making a Devil’s cake in Maryland’s largest mixing bowl. For this ludicrous display, they won both the 2019 Grand Mediocre Championship and Pilots’ Choice awards.

After a giant splash entering the water, Pandora was stably floated by large rectangular pontoons, on which propulsion was provided by pilots’ paddling.

Crew scrambled to lay ropes to supplement 4 pilots through the sand in Patterson Park. Pit crew are allowed to assist teams with propulsion unless their sculpture is entered at the stricter ACE level.

Several pit crew helped push Pandora through the mud, which had appropriate viscosity: challenging but not impossible.

After the mud crossing, Wash World volunteers eradicated the filth.

Look closely in the upper left to see the gears to turn the giant mixer blades.

This is the sixth entry from the Soda Quackers of New Jersey and Pennsylvania:

The 15-mile race starts and ends at the American Visionary Art museum; in between it snakes around the Inner Harbor.

Pandora’s youngest team member broke the finish line tape in a flaming stroller.

Concluding the awards ceremony, the Grand Championship Trophy held aloft.

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