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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2018 Kinetic Pilgrimage: Sunday May 27: Eureka Water Entry

Here's a Sculpture!
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Sunday May 27: Eureka Water Entry

The following morning, crews began the work to transition their sculptures for the water entry. Team Super Moi inflates pontoons while Swing Kids already seems ready.

The Ominionated II pilot talks to Ramp Meister during inspection while Untermeister Kop looks on.

Cro-Magma of the Stoned Age had time for a team photo.

The sculpture queue grew.

Silver Streak was so early and so fast through the water, we only saw them returning South again.

Team Tempus Fugitives capsized last year. This year they rebuilt ’ Glory Diver with a submarine theme.

They had awesome antique deep-sea diving helmets at the pageant (you’ll see them below), but not in the race.

Team Goddess Star Power had a very easy water entry.

Lobster Roll entered the saltwater as easily as you might expect a sea crustacean.

The Rusty Pickle entered the water smoothly at first, but moments later the pontoon rods started folding like a cardboard mizzenmast. There’s a pilot under there somewhere, who came out ok.

This is the same catastrophic structural flaw occasionally found in Baltimore: on land, the structure holding the pontoons to the sculpture bears the weight of the pontoons (usually a few dozen pounds of foam). But on water, that same structure suddenly bears the weight of the entire sculpture, and isn’t always up to the task.

Hunka-Hunk-A Burnin' Ham: Glazed for Glory was an all-terrain 3-wheeled cartoon ham with a wiggling bone, piloted by a team of rhinestone-caped Elvises.

The team for Mad Plants—Beyond ThunderClone has raced 9 years (4 with this chassis), and ACEd once.

Sparkle the Horse dove into the water with extensive pit crew looking on.

Flying Innuendo demonstrated an artfully sculpted splash. The hat on the left crowns Bob Buerger, who’s raced many years in Baltimore too.

The water entry did not go smoothly for Yabba-Doo-Ya.

Hatmobile was built last year by 2 teenagers.

#discodarren was a fat-tire bike with pontoons and sparkly purple trousers.

Norman the Half-Fast Unicorn hit the water with large paddlewheel attachments and more flames.

Norman won First Place Spirit of the Glorious Founder.

With 8 oars attached to each wheel and a sword, Lion Kings was ready for the water.

Ferntucky 500 used stand up paddle boards as pontoons and pilot-bearing running boards. SUPs have not yet been seen in Baltimore.

Ferntucky 500 finished the race winning First Place Speed.

Cloud of Unknowing—Flying Squirrel shed some of its pilots as they drove into the water, but they scrambled back aboard once it was afloat.

Black Tie Affair was very graceful with gigantic blue pontoons.

Rutabega Royalty partied at the water entry aboard their own yacht.

Happy Campers joyously pedaled their amphibious tricycle tent. They were riding low with enclosed kayak pontoons that were mostly submerged.

Dimlits also had mostly-submerged paddlewheels, but plenty of pontoonage to spare above the surface.

Caltrans Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew took to the water with 4 powerful Whittaker paddle wheels.

Just as in Baltimore, in order to ACE you have to bring everything with your sculpture all the time. If you have sand tires, you need to carry the sand tires with you for the entire racecourse, even the water.

Caltrans Solid Gold Pineapple Wrecking Crew had a “Trans Porta Potty” as their cargo vehicle that also carried their youngest team member.

They received a ticket for their solid gold wrecking ball swinging wildly around the unsuspecting public as they drove on land.

Team Terrapin brought the inflatable turtles onto the water, but not the dancing bears.

Raspberry Fembot put down her ukulele when she picked up her paddle, but continued singing on the water.

She planned a sculpture, but ended up with a bike instead.

The A-Team does have a pilot somewhere in there.

A-Team went on to win the One for the Little Guy Award.

Super Moi—Thelma (Plan DD) is a 2-passenger tricycle, remarkably similar in construction to…

…Super Moi—Louise (Plan F).

Return of the Peace Peddlers had bold inflatable pontoons and paddlewheels.

CrABBA is ABBA reunited after 35 years, metamorphosed into a singing, dancing crab with homemade wheels and disc brakes.

CrABBA went on to win the Second Place Art, Second Place Pageantry, Second Place Spirit of the Glorious Founder, and Racers’ Choice and tied for Best Campsite award.

U.S.S. Festiva was extraordinarily unergonomic on the water as the pilots reached out with paddles. A bilge pump helped keep it from sinking.

Cro-Magma of the Stoned Age dwarfed kayakers and wowed them with flames.

Lion Kings was elegant on the water.

The pontoons on Herrmann’s Merry Mollusk looked a little wrinkled at the halfway water point.

Pit crew photographed Hunka-Hunk-A Burnin' Ham: Glazed for Glory from a convenient pier.

They went on to win the First Place Art award.

Glory Diver on the open water.

Black Tie Affair sailed up the bay.

Crew arrived to assist Cro-Magma of the Stoned Age at the water exit.

Cro-Magma tied for Best Campsite.

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