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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2017 Race Report: Petal to the Metal

Here's a Sculpture!
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Petal to the Metal

This colossal human-filled flower basket Petal to the Metal won the coveted Art award. Pilots were effectively camouflaged under the flowers made of painted stockings stretched over wire frames.

With a gentle splash, they entered the choppy water.

Once they exited the water and turned toward the roadway, three of their four wheels tacoed and instantly put them out of commission. Fortunately, they had four spare wheels—and were soon ready to leave the Canton Waterfront.

The great basket also traversed the mud with ease. Thanks to rain, the 2017 mud was wetter than usual, making it a little easier than most years.

Flower Basket with a green light down Lombard Street.

The business end of four oars were affixed to rotating PVC pipes, with central reinforcement, allowing them to use a single powertrain that converted between land and sea.

Section 1+ of the Official Rules requires every team to carry at all times a mandatory sock creature. “Homemade Sock Creature must be made in a home, from a not-too-recently-worn sock from the home, and resemble a creature homemade from a sock.” This team’s sock creature was nestled among a basket of adorables.

This team from Takoma Park has entered 9 years in a row:

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  5. Crab Sickle
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