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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2016 Race Report: Dr. Disaster’s Spin Cycle

Here's a Sculpture!
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Dr. Disaster’s Spin Cycle

Dr. Disaster’s Spin Cycle won the Golden Flipper award, given each year to the team with the “Most interesting water entry”. For most races, “interesting” equates to “catastrophic”. For 2016 in Baltimore, it meant a novel and effective aquatic propulsion mechanism. At splashdown, the two pilots repositioned into fore and aft seats with separate sets of pedals. Each pedal was attached by a chain to a pontoon axle. Each pontoon was wrapped in tentacles that formed a screw to drive the sculpture forward as the pontoon rotated. A very clever combination of flotation and propulsion!

Pit crew wore matching squid-themed helmets.

Dr. Disaster’s’ pilots required pushing assistance in the sand.

The pilots themselves got out to help push through the viscous mud, which this year possessed an optimal combination of splash and high viscosity.

Their sock creature was trapped by squid mandibles.

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