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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2016 Race Report: Nine Sculptures from Jemicy

Here's a Sculpture!
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Nine Sculptures from Jemicy

For entering a perseverant gang of 9 ACE-attempting sculptures, all pilots and pit crew from Baltimore’s Jemicy School received the Spirit of the Founder award.

This green sculpture with fore nose and aft hands, Boogie Man, was the first of 2 four-pilot entries.

They crashed into the water to demonstrate their sculpture’s robust construction.

Boogie Man was successful at following the much stricter rules needed to win an ACE award, including:

  • No propulsion assistance from outside the vehicle
  • No swapping pilots off the vehicle
  • No feet on the ground

Cry Babies was the other 4-pilot Jemicy entry.

Since 2004, the Jemicy School has more sculptures than any other team:

Cry Babies suffered drive train problems and was unable to complete the race without pushing assistance.

Dragon Racer, with 2 pilots, also registered for ACE.

Dragon Racer persisted at the challenging water exit even after all other teams had left. While they successfully left the water, a hardware reconfiguration at left them unable to continue beyond Canton.

Pocket Monster also registered for ACE. Note that the pit crew member here is able to offer advice, and even physical support to prevent the sculpture from sliding backward. However, the slightest assistance moving the sculpture forward would forfeit ACE status.

Completing the mud without assistance meant the solo pilot need only ride on pavement back to AVAM to be awarded ACE.

Hydra is another solo-pilot Jemicy sculpture whose pilot achieved ACE.

Remaining on the sculpture when it’s not moving forward is not required to ACE—but getting back on after flying off in the mud is required.
Math-lete is another dual-front wheel trike, whose solo pilot also achieved ACE.

Pontoons were covered with equations and other mathematical glyphs.

Flying Phoenix was another solo-pilot sculpture.

Despite challenges like the mud, Flying Phoenix also achieved ACE.

Little Krach was a low-riding solo-pilot trike whose pilot also achieved ACE.

Ancient Hooptie included 2 pilots and 4 wheels, and also achieved ACE.

Once again, support crew for sculptures attempting ACE must be very careful to avoid providing any forward support. Here his hands are raised to make it clear no propulsion is being provided.

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