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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2015 Race Report: Next-to-Last Samurai & Shogunna Ride

Here's a Sculpture!
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Shogunna Ride & Next-to-Last Samurai

Baltimore schoolgirls befriended a talking cat who gave them a magical brooch that enables them to become the Samurai soldiers of anime fame Sailor Moonbeam and Sailor Mars Landing with their trusty koi fish, ‘Sho’ and ‘Gun’, forming Shogunna Ride. They are on a quest to defend our charming city from the forces of joint deterioration, oncoming traffic and the potential destruction of the solar system.

But, they needed help, so they sent word to a team of ancient 'next to last Samurai' and their horses. These two Make Believer KSR entries will join forces to save the planet and inspire kinetic glory.

The Make Believers are one of the most experienced teams in Baltimore:

This acute theriocephaly was subsequently resolved with duct tape.

Next-to-Last Samurai won Best Costumes for going far beyond a coordinated team t-shirt as garmenture…

while Shogunna Ride took home the Best Bribes trophy…

…for these delightful hand-crafted candy sushi made out of jelly beans, licorice, and gummy fish wrapped in rice crispy matter and green fruit roll-up skin.

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