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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2015 Race Report: Four Jemicy Sculptures

Here's a Sculpture!
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Four Jemicy Sculptures

The Jemicy School of Baltimore entered 4 sculptures this year.

With 4 pilots and 2 zebras, Stripes sported wide tires and a center hinge point. One pilot had a compass on his helmet. It was the largest sculpture this year to win ACE, which requires following an extra set of stringent rules including no pushing or swapping pilots.

The Jemicy School has raced in Baltimore for a dozen years:

The Flamingo-focused Safari Hon had a very dramatic mud entry.

However, she picked up her muddy self and bike and churned through the mud to Wash World, and finished to win an ACE. (Things also tipped over at the water exit, the other most difficult race area to ACE.)

Wash World photo by Deborah McCallum

Another 1-pilot Jemicy trike, Cheetah Cheetah Pumkin Eatah not only won an ACE but also the Speed award for fastest time (after penalties).

The Speed trophy included bronzed running shoes, a checker-flag, and wings.

Snake Rattle & Roll had a snake head front and center, with snakes wrapped around each pontoon. It’s pilot also persevered through the course to win an ACE.

The ACE brigade.

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