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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2014 Race Report: Six Sculptures from Jemicy School

Here's a Sculpture!
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Six Sculptures from Jemicy School

Baltimore’s Jemicy School entered six student-crafted sculptures. In the kinetic LeMans start, all the pilots start on Federal Hill, out of their sculptures. When Sister Euphonia O’Blivion struck the gong to start the race, they ran down the hill, into their sculptures.

Going for ACE of Cakes is a reverse-trike, front-wheel steering sculpture, whose pilot pushed through water, sand and, mud without assistance to win an ACE award.

This was the Jemicy School’s eleventh year of Kinetic racing:
That is the face of someone who has just completed the final major hurdle to winning an ACE, and the pilot of Cake Boss need only avoid catastrophe riding downhill back to AVAM to claim it.

Takes the Cake had a similar design, but did not achieve an ACE, requiring assistance in the mud.

After much of the crowd was leaving, having thought all sculptures exited the water, Icing on the Cake finally came back toward the pier, still hoping for an ACE after a lengthy spell on the water. The most difficult part of the race on which to maintain forward progress without assistance is the water exit, and the crowd roared with cheers of support for the pilot, who heaved his sculpture out of the water with such endurance as to win both the Spirit of the Glorious Founder and the Marine Posse Perseverance Award.

It’s my Daddy’s Beemer and I’ll Cry if I Want To has 2 pilots commemorating teenage respect for German engineering. It won Worst Honorable Mention for its breakdown, and did not win an ACE.

With 4 pilots, the largest Jemicy entry, Have Your Cake and Eat It Too did achieve the high level of competition required to win an ACE.

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