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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2013 Race Report: Loose Cannon & Gun Show Collective

Here's a Sculpture!
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Loose Cannon & the Gun Show Collective

Team 1,800 Lbs brought back the spectacular 12-foot wheels of Loose Cannon with the circus human cannonball motif.

The elevated pilots’ platform—which looks to be a rowboat—provides flotation for the water segment.

Since this sculpture nearly missed major awards, yet is a magnificent crowd- and photographer-pleasing spectacle we also award this sculpture the Webmaster’s Delight.

They also built two new sculptures as scale replicas of the original. Since the new sculptures could hardly get any bigger, they made them smaller. The half-scale Sun of a Gun and quarter-scale Mini Gun formed one group at the starting line, called the Gun Show Collective.

Cans jangled behind Sun of a Gun with a “Just Married” sign to commemorate the recent nuptials of pilots Kristin and Dave.

Lubrication on turnbuckle threads ruined their pre-race spoke truing. The cobblestones around the National Katyn Memorial wrought havoc on the tensioners, and a pilot here twists them tighter—but accurately truing 12-foot wheels during a race is as hard as it sounds. They ended up winning the Next-to-Last award, which rather precludes the potential of winning an engineering award.

Recommended for next year: mouse the turnbuckles.

In the mud, one of the pilots climbed from spoke to spoke like a ladder using his weight for additional propulsion.

The Collective came from 1800 Lbs, which in past years created

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