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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2013 Race Report: Garden of Hedon

Here's a Sculpture!
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Garden of Hedon

Check out those fish! Garden of Hedon from Baltimore’s own Make Believers team commemorates Druid Hill Park as Baltimore’s first center of genetic engineering. Millennia before Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland Biopark, druids danced across the hills and sorcerers commanded a fantastic menagerie.

Upon entering the water, the front fish presented more resistance to the water as the rear plowed forward, so the two components jackknifed at their universal joint. As they stopped to assess, the crowd presumed a cataclysmic fault and moaned sympathetically. However, all Garden of Hedon needed was to straighten out and proceed. (Proceeding proved a bit difficult as shown in the next photo).

They won the Golden Flipper award for their dramatic entry, in part because somehow no team suffered a worse fate at this year’s water entry.

This photo is rather boring, unless you’re building a sculpture and its paddlewheels happen to be completely out of the water. Even those lacking professional training in nautical propulsion should readily understand this sharply reduces effectiveness. Be sure to water-test your sculpture as it will ride during the race—especially with the weight of who and what you will be carrying—so you can calibrate your water propulsion not too high, and not too low.

Nearing the final turn to the finish line on Covington Street, they seemed surprisingly energetic.

This is the Make Believers’ twelfth glorious year. Their prior sculptures are:

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