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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2013 Kinetinaut and Media Information

Here's a Sculpture!

Kinetinaut & Media Info

For those of you who were in the 2013 race, here are a few special messages.

Thank you!

Thank you for making and racing your sculpture! Having served as pilots and pit crew, we know how incredibly challenging it is to build a sculpture and subject it and yourself to the dramatic conditions of the race. This website is our tribute to you, so that your efforts will be known and will inspire others.

Corrections? Updates?

If you see any errors or significant omissions  in our coverage, please send an email to

Your names

We want to publicize names only if you want us to; some pilots prefer anonymity. If your names are not in the Race Report and you would like them to be, send me an email with the pilots’ names and ages*. Or if your names are published, let me know which sculpture you were on, and which name(s) you’d like us to remove. (We may limit the number of names to the number of seats on your sculpture.) We don’t usually publish names of pit crew unless they’re festively costumed and go above and beyond the call of pit crew.

*To avoid lawyers, we do not knowingly publish the names of participants under age 18.  You can simply state “over 18” as the age of each participant if that is the case.

Want a High Resolution Photo of Your Sculpture?

We’re happy to email you an original high-resolution digital photo at no charge. You can select any of the photos of your team. Just let us know via email! With this original, you will be able to order reprints, set it as your background image, email it to your friends, and other personal uses. But see “Copyright Information” below.

Want All of our Photos of Your Team?

We have many more photos than are included on the website. We also know that when you’re busy racing, you probably don’t have time to take a lot of photos. We will create and mail you a CD or DVD of all the photos we took of your team for $15. (Additional copies to the same address are $5.) You're welcome to use the digital photos for any purpose you like, in accordance with the "Copyright Information" below.

Photo posters & reprints

Speaking again as a Kinetinaut, I have a poster on my wall at home of the sculpture for which I was pilot and pit crew. You are welcome to use the digital images we provide (see above) for your own purposes as described above, including

  • Facebook posts
  • Posters
  • Enlargements
  • Reprints
  • Media publicity
  • Greeting cards
  • etc.

If you are not a digital photo ace, we would be happy to prepare an order for you, but will charge for this service. Please email for info.

Media Information

If you wish to cover the Kinetic Sculpture Race in your publication, we can provide photos from this site. Please specify which photos you would like, by giving us the filename of the photo. Right click on the image(s) you'd like, and send us the the Properties->Address or the image URL. Please send an email to and provide your title and affiliation, as well as your deadline.

Copyright Information

We retain copyright on the images on this site, and to the images we provide you. However, you are welcome to use all race photos for your personal non-profit purposes, as well as purposes from which all revenue supports AVAM. You are welcome to use our photos of your team as long as all proceeds support your team or AVAM. If you publish the photos anywhere (including on a blog), we request that you include a link (if published on the Web), and give credit to our photographer.  To figure out which credit to use, look at the starting letters of the image file:

  • Eric: “by Eric Zhang,”
  • Howa: “by Howard Wellman,”
  • Joha: “by Johanna Jones,”
  • Rich: “by Richard Wilke,”
  • Tom: “by Tom Jones,”
  • Will: “by William Gladstone Wall,”

Thanks again,

Tom Jones and the team

The Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race is sponsored and run by the American Visionary Art Museum. is the volunteer work of Tom Jones.
If you have suggestions about making this site better, or questions, e-mail Tom at