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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2012 Race Report: Jemicy’s Five

Here's a Sculpture!
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Jemicy’s Five: Traffic Jam, Jeepers, Going Postal, Hot Rod, and Keep On Truckin’

The Jemicy School came back with another convoy of vehicle-themed sculptures. Here, Traffic Jam is a tow truck pulling another truck.

Its sturdy wheels and space frame helped it win an ACE award for following the more arduous ACE rules, although they took a break here near the end of the race.

Keep On Truckin’ used mountain bike wheels, and also achieved an ACE.

It’s nice to see they used the old Maryland license plate design using the authentic Maryland’s seal and colors, rather than the generic new red, white, and blue design. Just to the left of the lamppost is one of our photographers, who took the next photo moments later.

Going Postal featured a postal service delivery wagon, complete with mail pouch on the pontoon. She also won an ACE.

Finally, Hot Rod, based on a classic car, bogged down in the mud. Former Jemicy pilots rallied to cheer and offer advice (but never touch the sculpture), and its pilot also won an ACE.

Jeepers, rounding out the four Jemicy entries, with an off-road Jeep theme. Its pilot also completed the race as an ACE.

To ensure entrants seeking an ACE award follow all the ACE rules, special ACE judges monitor their progress throughout the race. This ACE judge sports pink furry horns.

For coming in right before last, Jeepers also won the Next-to-Last Award. (Anyone can be last; it’s a mark of slow-paced success to be one earlier than last.)

The fleet of Jemicy sculptures also won the Best Bribes Award for this note they passed the judges.

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