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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2010 Race Report: Big Bamboo

Here's a Sculpture!
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Big Bamboo

The Dumpster Divers from Philadelphia have been racing every year since 1999—a record for Baltimore Kinetic persistence matched only by the sponsoring American Visionary Art Museum. This year, they brought Big Bamboo, made of hand-picked trash and home-grown bamboo.

Big Bamboo was designed as a dragster, and from the side, the large rear wheels hid the pilot and made it appear as though its sock puppet were driving, complete with his own steering wheel.

This year there was a bit of excitement when they entered the water and tilted somewhat, but they soon righted themselves and proceeded around the pier without undue calamity.

Big Bamboo looked quite similar to 2009’s Green Racer, famous for its dramatic Harbor flip.

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