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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2010 Race Report: Jemicy’s Veke Versa Boat, Squid Man, Kraken, Cabrena Octopus & Calamari

Here's a Sculpture!
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Jemicy’s Veke Versa Boat, Squid Man, Kraken, Cabrena Octopus & Calamari

The Jemicy School returned with five entries, and Veke Versa Boat, their largest ever, showed that they’ve been learning a lot about engineering. With four pilots toiling under a large cloth tree octopus, fat stubby tires, and extremely low sand and mud gears, they churned through all terrain on the racecourse to win both an ACE award for following the most stringent race rules and also the Engineering award.

It used the chassis from 2008’s Viscar Boot #3 entry as its foundation.

Here you can see the Veke Versa Boat slowly cranking through the mud in its low gears. Progress was slow—the green Mud Vortex Timer at the lower left corner shows most of their time is gone—but they made it through the mud just in time as the crowd roared.

Squid Man was one of the four smaller Jemicy sculptures, here drooping a hose in traffic on Pratt Street, but also winner of an ACE award.

Kraken showed how a small lightweight sculpture can succeed in the sand with just three narrow tires. It also received an ACE award.

Cabrena Octopus approaches the mud. As soon as a sculpture stopped making forward progress, Becky the Timekeeper flipped over the aqueous vortex hourglass countdown timer giving two minutes for a sculpture to clear the mud. Becky and the timer come from the American Physical Society of College Park.

Cabrena Octopus also won an ACE award for making it through all obstacles fast enough without help on forward propulsion.

Calamari was the final Jemicy entry, sporting octopus sock creatures, and also winner of an ACE award.

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