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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2009 Race Report: Jemicy’s Five

Here's a Sculpture!
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Jemicy: Critter, Lady Jaye, Low Rider Max, Sneaky Moose, and Philly Flyer

Every year since 2004, Brandon Emmons of the Jemicy School of Baltimore County has led students building Kinetic Sculptures. (If you’re starting to get interested in building a sculpture of your own, you would do well to consult his textbook linked on the Enter page.) While not exhibiting a great deal of the art aspect of the race, every one of the five Jemicy entries this year won an ACE award. Here, Critter is alleged to be a self-portrait of its pilot.

Lady Jaye is an art student combined with GI Joe commando. She also achieved an ACE award.

Low Rider Max is based on an El Camino. Note that the judges keep a close eye on sculptures to ensure that they truly merit receipt of an ACE award, as this one did.

Sneaky Moose is the third time around for this sculpture, which lacked moose festooning this year. It also achieved the ACE award.

Philly Flyer is the fifth Jemicy entry, and while lacking in art it did win an ACE award.

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