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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2009 Race Report: Going to Hell

Here's a Sculpture!
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Going to Hell

Going to Hell is this bright red first entry from a Falls Church, Virginia team. Their bold red theme was well-executed with flying demon on a stick, red jumpsuits for pilots, and festive costumes for the pit crew, complete with poms. (There was no handbasket to be seen.)

They also had a devilishly creative solution for real-wheel drive at the water exit. Rear-wheel-drive sculptures tend to have major difficulty because the flotation keeps the rear wheels from getting any traction. By hinging the aft ends of their pontoons, they were able to sink the rear wheels for effective aqueous egress.

However, their engineering consisted principally of two tandem bicycles which seemed not quite up to the task; one of the wheels tacoed about 60% of the way through the racecourse as they approached Patterson Park, and they were unable to complete the race.

A very good first-year entry, and we hope they return in 2010!

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