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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2009 Race Report: Hot Beef Injection

Here's a Sculpture!
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Hot Beef Injection

Baffling the Engineering judges with their simultaneous technical prowess and dramatic failures, Hot Beef Injection was an amphibious barbecue grill in which each pilot represented a chunk of food, and pit crew represented condiments and cooking implements. Adding to the festivity, they had an actual functional grill on board and served hot cooked food as bribes to race officials.

Spectators particularly enjoyed the sight of delectable food items navigating the Baltimore Harbor.

They had a novel propulsion scheme in which each pilot used a single large foot pedal to contribute energy into the drivetrain, which was conveyed to the wheels through extraordinarily sturdy chains. Much of the powertrain was constructed on a Ford Bronco II chassis, which resulted in an overall weight rumored at 1,800 pounds. Unfortunately, the frame for the pedal structure was a weak link and began warping almost immediately. They suffered their first breakdown as they crossed the starting line. By the time they had rounded the first corner to climb Federal Hill, the pilots had all gotten out to assist the crew in pushing. They received the Worst Honorable Mention award given to the sculpture “whose half-baked theoretical ‘engineering’ did not deter its pilots from the challenge of the race.”

You can see the crew fatigue mounting as the afternoon wore on in the final photo below. For their dogged determination to push their sculpture through the race, they received the Best Pit Crew as well.

This is the same team that created 2008’s It’s Ben Hur, Hon and 2007’s Acme Kinetic Sculpture.

Water entry photo courtesy of Shawn Levin Photography.

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