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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2007 Race Report — PLATYPUS returns, with suitor

Here's a Sculpture!
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PLATYPUS returns, with suitor

Wilma the blue skater gurl wombat bears a tattoo "I ♥ Pokey" to show her love for the PLATYPUS that she followed for 13 miles through Baltimore. Wilma is the latest Kinetic Creation from David Hess’s team, and featured claws made of plastic tubing and a bright furry coat. Wilma bravely approached the water, but then ran away, revealing her Bush League status. (Bush League sculptures complete the entire course except the water entry.)

Pokey the PLATYPUS (Personal Long-range All-Terrain Yacht Proven Un-Safe) returned with her crew sporting lab coats, hard hats, and red-and-white striped socks. Every eye in the Inner Harbor was on her as she drove by. For the second consecutive year, she won the Engineering award for her astonishing automotive transmission and wheels powered by eight pilots on bicycle pedals. In Patterson Park, she became stuck in high gear, making hill-climbing difficult, so she trailed the pack until they found a parts shop and poured oil into the gears while soaring down Lombard Street.  At the finish, she broke through a tape reading "YOU ROCK". 

Wilma’s love for Pokey is unrequited, for Pokey’s heart belongs to Fifi.

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  1. The Champion: Patapsico Queen
  2. PLATYPUS returns, with suitor
  3. Fifi
  4. Jazz Hand
  5. Attack of the Sculpturians
  6. Three about Whales from It Cain’t
  7. Acme Kinetic Sculpture
  8. Travel with Class
  9. Recycled Ocean
  1. Three from the Jemicy School
  2. Tropical Paradise Goes Under
  3. Kinetic Airways Grounded by Pothole
  4. Air Farce One
  5. Carver Center's Seacat
  6. New Age Viking Hill Master
  7. UMBC's You’ve Got What It Takes
  8. Cats For Sale $5
  9. IND Penguins
  1. Towson's Flash Mob
  2. Team Trogdor
  3. Old School Capsizes in Style
  4. Goes to Eleven
  5. AVAM's Classics
  6. Moon Buggy: Back for More
  7. Festivity Among the Crowd
  8. The Team
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