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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2007 Race Report — Tropical Paradise Goes Under

Here's a Sculpture!
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Tropical Paradise Goes Under

Tropical Paradise is the name of this 2-pilot entry from the Catholic Community School, well-decorated with shark pontoons, a tropical hut, and a giant toucan up top. As shown here, everything was just fine on the water until it caught up with Subdude that was blocking the way with repairs. Tropical Paradise seemed to be doing fine waiting for perhaps ten minutes. Flash Mob (described below) came up behind and joined the queue. Then all of a sudden...

Tropical Paradise rocked and suddenly capsized. No one was hurt, but the Toucan was knocked off its mounting when it collided with the pier. As you can see in the lower right photo as they ride back through the Inner Harbor toward the finish line, they perservered regardless, with the trusty Toucan resting its beak on the hut. There was no doubt they were due the Golden Flipper award.  All this happened at the same time as the ramp pothole repair described next.

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  1. The Champion: Patapsico Queen
  2. PLATYPUS returns, with suitor
  3. Fifi
  4. Jazz Hand
  5. Attack of the Sculpturians
  6. Three about Whales from It Cain’t
  7. Acme Kinetic Sculpture
  8. Travel with Class
  9. Recycled Ocean
  1. Three from the Jemicy School
  2. Tropical Paradise Goes Under
  3. Kinetic Airways Grounded by Pothole
  4. Air Farce One
  5. Carver Center's Seacat
  6. New Age Viking Hill Master
  7. UMBC's You’ve Got What It Takes
  8. Cats For Sale $5
  9. IND Penguins
  1. Towson's Flash Mob
  2. Team Trogdor
  3. Old School Capsizes in Style
  4. Goes to Eleven
  5. AVAM's Classics
  6. Moon Buggy: Back for More
  7. Festivity Among the Crowd
  8. The Team
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