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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2007 Race Report — Three from the Jemicy School

Here's a Sculpture!
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Three from the Jemicy School

This sculpture was called the Valkin Visker Bote II, but bore little resemblance to the astonishing but ill-fated wooden sculpture from 2004. In fact, it did so well the pilot achieved the ACE award. It was the first of three entries from the Jemicy School of Baltimore County. It won Pilots’ Choice by consensus of the other sculptures.

The second Jemicy entry, Daisy Pushers, fared less well. As they tried to navigate around the pier, the foam wheels torqued upward in a manner likely inconsistent with the design requirements and one wheel came off entirely. The pilot adjacent to that wheel was plunged into the harbor, but swam around with the sculpture.  While this craft had applied for ACE, instead they received the Golden Dinosaur awarded for most memorable breakdown.

The third Jemicy entry was here for its second year. Last year, the pilot of Subdude heroically cranked his arms to propel the sculpture out of the water to maintain ACE status. This year, brute force was not enough at the water exit; it seemed that his sculpture was more buoyant than before and his drivewheels couldn’t get traction. Then something broke, and he took some time trying to fix the problem there and maintain ACE status. But while he was trying to fix it, things went a bit awry....

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