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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
2007 KSR Photos Book

Here's a Sculpture!
Picture of Photo Book
The hardbound book measures 11.25 x 8.75 inches, with a blue cutout cover.

Sample Page: Patapsico Queen
Each page contains photos and descriptions. The photos show much greater detail than is possible on the website.

Sample Page: Travel With Class
Colorful photos of all 31 sculptures are included.

2007 Kinetic Sculpture Race Photo Book

We've created a photo book of the 2007 Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race, including photos and a description of every sculpture that participated. The hardbound book measures 11.25 x 8.75 inches, and includes 26 heavyweight glossy pages. Each page highlights one team's sculpture or group of sculptures, including any awards they received.

Table of Contents

1 Cover Page
2 Introduction and Table of Contents
3 East Coast Champion: The Patapsico Queen (thumbnail at right)
4 PLATYPUS Returns, with Suitor
5 Fifi
6 Jazz Hand
7 Attack of the Sculpturians!
8 Three from It Cain’t: Whale of a Tale, Tale of a Whale, and Tailing the Whale
9 ACME Kinetic Sculpture
10 Eldersburg Elementary’s Travel with Class (thumbnail at right)
11 Alzaruba’s Recycled Ocean
12 The Jemicy School: Valkin Visker Bote II, Daisy Pushers, and Subdude
13 Tropical Paradise Goes Under
14 Kinetic Airways Grounded by Pothole
15 Air Farce One
16 Seacat from Carver Center
17 New Age Viking Hill Master
18 UMBC’s You’ve Got What It Takes
19 Cats for Sale $5
20 IND Penguins
21 Towson’s Flash Mob
22 Baltimore Lab School: Team Trogdor
23 Old School Capsizes in Style
24 Goes to Eleven
25 AVAM’s Classics: the Rat, the Frog, and Bumpo the Elephant
26 Moon Buggy

Shipping & Handling Options

  • Priority Mail delivery anywhere in the US is $5 for the first book, and $3 for each additional book.  Depending on whether we have books on hand when you place your order, you should receive your book within 1 to 2 weeks after placing an online order.
  • If you were pilot or pit crew for a specific team and would like a disc of electronic photos of your team with your order, please email before or shortly after placing an electronic order. If you'd like to see the photobook page for your sculpture(s), email me and I'll send you a preview image.
  • If you would like to see a book up close and can meet in Greenbelt, email me at If you wish to meet in Greenbelt to pick up your purchase, you can choose the free "Pick up in Greenbelt" shipping option.
  • If your team purchases 8 or more copies at once and you are in Baltimore City or County, Prince George’s, Howard, or Montgomery County, I will deliver them to you personally, and no shipping charges will apply (select the "$0.00 Pickup in Greenbelt" option). Email
  • If you have any questions, would like to place an order off-line, or wish to have an order shipped outside the US, please email

The Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race is sponsored and run by the American Visionary Art Museum. is the volunteer work of Tom Jones.
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